One Last Request


Friends I’m sure you’re looking forward to logging off and taking time out from social media! Being with those closest to you. So am I. After one last message.

Christmas is a moment to reflect on the way we do things. How we think and act together on this wonderful world.

Climate change is a choice we’re making. And right now too many of us are choosing to look away. Our world has a way of forcing our attention sooner or later, and if we continue to look away, when we finally recognise our vulnerability it will not be in any way we’d like.

So please start a conversation. More than ever, we need to Talk About It. That’s not easy, and it may be uncomfortable. Here is a fantastic article on some talking points.

That said, a conversation is also about listening and learning to recognise how people relate to climate in different ways.

In the words of Katherine Hayhoe, ‘Hope begins with a conversation”

Share your thoughts and experiences below. 

Thank you, and have a calm and restorative holiday.


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